I've been lucky enough to make a happy living -  doing what I love- for the past 20+ years.  After graduating with a BFA from RIT, I assisted commercial photographers in NYC for 4 years.  I went out on my own armed with the knowledge I learned from assisting, & shot commercially for over 10 years before I decided I really liked the business side of "getting the jobs."  In 2004 I started Hennessy Reps, Inc. where I was fortunate enough to represent nationally some of the best & most genuine photographers & directors in the business, spend time with a great group of clients, and work with incredibly skilled producers & crews.

I took the knowledge of business, communication, marketing, negotiating, social media, and more and started a consultancy for small businesses who are finding their voice and audience and growing their brands.  

I'm a voracious consumer of media and savage reader of brand case studies and content strategy. 

I pride myself on building and maintaining relationships, and being able to eat 37 hot wasabi peas consecutively.